The Barton Culture

At Barton Associates, we’re passionate about empowering all team members to learn, prosper, and continually grow their careers based on the hard work they put in. The driven professionals you’ll find across our 10 offices all learn and work together to accomplish their goals, and are always excited to see a colleague succeed!

The Barton Culture is...


At Barton, learning doesn’t end once the new hire orientation is over. There’s always something new to master from our in-depth morning meetings and trainings led by experienced managers. 

Once you are equipped with experience and a solid knowledge base, you can take it to the next level and train for a leadership role, since Barton promotes from within. 


Achievements do not go unnoticed at Barton, and with every breakthrough comes the opportunity not only to earn uncapped commission, but for recognition too! Every year, Barton’s highest performers are rewarded with an all expense-paid trip to an amazing destination. But even in-office, you’ll still find that the little wins are always recognized. 

Compassion and care is our business. That's why our team members feel good about being a part of something bigger than our company by giving back through Barton’s philanthropic initiatives.


Haven’t you always dreamed of working somewhere stuffy and boring? Us neither. We like to keep things lively with competitions, prizes, events, spirit weeks, and even costume contests!

Our team members also bring excitement to the office day-to-day, from claps and cheers when a colleague hits a milestone, to jokes and laughs during a game at our Fun Friday morning meetings. 

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