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When you’re done with your final season, Try out for our Team!

College Athletes tend to thrive at Barton Associates!  Many of the attributes that allow collegiate athletes to obtain success at their respective sport help to propel them to prosperity in our environment.

Strong leaders

Barton’s career platform is designed to offer rapid growth and advancement based on the hard work one puts forth. Our promote-from-within philosophy rewards those who exemplify hard work have strong leadership qualities!

World-Class Training

Barton’s world-class training programs allow our team members the opportunity to develop the core skills needed to excel as individuals, become experts in the industry, and beat the competition!

Competitive Compensation

Our total compensation package provides a competitive base salary with uncapped commissions.  With one of the richest commission and merit increase packages in the staffing industry, those who want to excel can use their competitive drive to make well into the six figures in a reasonable timeframe!

Just as in sports, those who develop key fundamentals, work hard every day, exhibit leadership qualities and have the drive to win can find success at Barton Associates!

Emily M.

Assistant Team Manager | Holy Cross Tennis

Athletics - for me, tennis - was a sport that required me to grow as an individual and as a team player. Not only did I learn how to motivate others as a team member and a captain, but I developed a personal mental toughness that allowed me to grow as an individual and thrive under pressure, while always remembering the common team goal. This prepared me to excel at Barton Associates, where I depend on and learn from others in my field while honing my own skills to produce on an individual level. Playing a sport requires mental toughness, team work, constant growth and improvement, and self critique-all qualities that have helped me grow in my sales career at Barton Associates.

Dan B.

Baseball at AIC

My competitive nature in sports is what has allowed me to thrive at Barton. My drive, determination and work ethic from college athletics has carried over and given me a real chance to grow my career.

Casey D.

Assumption College Soccer

I think playing striker in soccer helped me be successful at Barton because I was a closer, I knew how to get it done and how to get it done correctly. Scoring goals is a lot like closing a deal, you have to be confident, smart and aggressive. Once you score that goal, you become more poised  for the next move.

Kevin F.

Baseball at AIC

Playing college baseball has prepared me for Barton Associates in a few ways: It allowed me to have the drive to simply work hard, it gave me the ability to collaborate as well as compete with others, it gave me confidence, made me resilient, allowed me to bounce back from failure and, most importantly, it showed me the willingness to strive to be the best at what you do.

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