What To Do During A Job Interview

Cameron Saragosa

We have more interview advice for you! In the last blog, we covered what to do before a job interview. Now, let’s take a look at some tips that you can utilize during the interview to help you land that new opportunity!

Don’t Just Respond, Ask Questions

An easy trap job hunters can fall into is sitting back and shelling out responses during an interview. Allow yourself to ask some questions and learn more about the company and its employees. You’re not only there for responses, you’re there to sell yourself as a potential employee and this is a good way to show that your interest is strong. It’s also important to ask about the potential next steps at the end of the interview, so you don’t have to play the waiting game and wonder what’s going to happen next. As mentioned in the last blog, having some questions prepared beforehand will help make this step a lot easier!

Have Solid Body Language

Another key component during the interview stage is strong body language. This is one of the biggest non-verbal aspects of the interview, and it could end up being part of the deciding factor. While it’s okay to be nervous and maybe even a little fidgety at times, try to sit up straight and have a good demeanor as much as possible while you’re engaging with the interviewer. When listening, nod your head and utilize strong eye contact to show how much you value their time. When speaking, use respectful gestures to help emphasize your points. Again, it’s okay to be nervous, but using strong body language as much as possible will certainly help your chances of getting the position.

Speak Respectfully About the Past

When going for a new job, it might seem easy to talk negatively about the company that you worked at before, even if it’s unintentional. However, there’s no need to deep dive into the areas of concern. Speaking negatively shows a lack of respect and it comes off as unprofessional. When referring to previous jobs or employers, speak highly of them and talk about what experiences you took away to help bring you into this new position. That’s what the employee would rather hear! Doing so will help you get closer to the new opportunity you’re trying to take advantage of.

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