What To Do Before A Job Interview

Cameron Saragosa

Have a job interview coming up? Not to worry! In this blog, we’ll give out some helpful tips on what you can do before an interview that allows you to be ready and prepared for the questions coming your way.

Research the Company

Whether you’ve heard of the company before or not, doing some research can help you learn more about the company’s values and the important figures within it. Additional insights and knowledge can be crucial when it comes to your interview questions or answers. Be sure to browse the company website, social media pages, or even utilize a quick Google search to learn more about what the company is truly about. It’s also important to go over the job description that you applied to, so you can reference certain points from it to your advantage.

Have a Game Plan

It’s crucial to walk into an interview with a game plan. Having a few questions and answers written down is a great way to prepare yourself for all possible situations. Practice responding to questions so you know what to say. It’s also a good idea to write them down and have them ready to go by your side before your interview begins. The interviewer will likely ask you a couple questions that stem from the resume you submitted. Have a copy of it ready to utilize so you can quickly reference it when the time is needed. Chances are the interviewer will use the resume as a way to get to know you and learn more about your previous experiences. Be as transparent as possible, and make sure to sell yourself. The interviewer wants to see honest and concise answers.

Dress To Impress

Having the proper attire will always be essential to interviewing. Whether it’s virtual or in-person, you should ensure that you dress professionally. First impressions matter! A clean, professional appearance shows you value the opportunity and respect the interviewer’s time. Don’t worry about over-dressing- the company may be business casual, but it’s fairly standard for potential employees to try to look their best and wear business professional attire. Even if it’s a virtual interview, you don’t want to be caught wearing pajama pants and slippers with your blazer. If you need ideas or examples of professional attire, be sure to check out our recent infographic here.

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