What To Do After A Job Interview

Cameron Saragosa

Part three of the Interview Series has arrived! In this blog, we’ll be giving out some tips on what to do after your job interview concludes. Previously, we discussed some tips and ideas of what to do before and during the interview process.

Follow Up

One thing to do after a job interview is to follow up. It’s common to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration regardless of whether or not you get the role. This can be done through an email, message, or even a well-written letter. Another option could be to connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn to see if they would consider you for an open position in the future, and stay up to date with the company that interests you. Overall, following up shows a sign of respect to the interviewer and the professionalism displayed from it could certainly help a job hunter down the line.

Identify Key Takeaways

Another thing to think about after your interview is your takeaways. Did you execute your plan? Did you ask questions? Did you follow along? All of these things should be self-evaluated after your interview to see how you did. Make sure to write down these takeaways to know what you did right and wrong. If you don’t think you did as well as you could’ve, don’t feel bad! Take it as a learning experience and try to focus on what to do better for your next interview.

Stay Patient

It may take some time for your employers to get back to you regarding the open role. Having patience will make this process easier for yourself as you don’t want to dwell on the waiting time too much. Take your mind off of it by focusing on other hobbies and aspects of your life, or even by looking at other job opportunities. If the wait is getting longer than expected, a polite email asking for an update will also suffice. Maintaining patience isn’t always easy, but it is a critical step to utilize after a job interview.

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