Trick or Treat, Bags of Sweets, these Office Monsters are the Scariest You’ll Meet!

Caitlyn Marchand
Halloween’s most notorious monsters may be creatures of fiction, but there are certainly real-life ones among us. There’s nothing worse than a ghastly ghost or villainous vampire in the workplace, so keep reading for some tips to ensure that you don’t become one of those creepy creatures yourself!

The ghost of the office can be classified as mysterious, unpredictable, and most obviously, transparent. I’m sure you’ve heard of “ghosting” someone in a relationship, and ghosting in the workplace is just as horrifying. Whether its skipping out on meetings, showing up late to work, or simply being flaky, no one likes a fickle person. The last thing anyone wants is to collaborate with a coworker who is unpredictable and fails to follow through, so do your best to show up ready to work each and every day!

The classic mummy typically appears on screen as an undead creature wrapped in bandages- not something you want to sit across from every day! Coming to work looking a mess is unprofessional and may spark some gossip in the office, so do your best to come in clean, groomed, and ready for work each and every day. You shouldn’t get too ‘wrapped up’ in appearances, but always remember that Casual Fridays aren’t an excuse to wear your favorite college t-shirt with stains on the front.

Although some of the more modern zombies are fast, weapon-wielding attackers, the standard zombie is a sleepy, slow moving, practically-lifeless body. The office zombie is someone who has a nonexistent personality prior to lunch and spends their day bumping into walls and groaning about everything under the sun. While the occasional rough night’s sleep can lead to this behavior, don’t make it a habit of being the sleepy-eyed creature of the office.

Vampires spend the majority of their day in the dark and feed on others to survive. While we hope that no one in your office fills their morning coffee mug with blood, I’m sure you can think of a coworker or two that seems to suck the energy out of the room as soon as they walk in. A bad attitude and negative outlook can bring everyone around you down, so keep your fangs hidden until you leave work for the day!

Witches are notorious for casting spells and brewing up some unsavory concoctions, but a witch in the office can be a recipe for disaster. When a witch in the office is unhappy with someone, they might spread rumors and bring a bad aura to the workplace. Being labelled the office witch is arguably worse than being a fun-sucking vampire, so do your best to cast the kindest spells on your coworkers!

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