How to Survive Your Senior Year

Cameron Saragosa

As up and coming college graduates, seniors may have difficulty finding the motivation they need to finish their college career on the right foot. This is often called ‘senioritis’. When you’re essentially so close to the end of your college career, some students may find it easier to just mail it in, as opposed to working efficiently on their day to day tasks. As a current rising senior, I have some first hand experience and can help give out some tips on how the everyday college student can survive senioritis.

Set Goals

The first tip on the list is to set some goals for yourself to achieve. This can either involve career goals, class goals, or even both! Whether it’s finishing that final semester strong with straight A’s, or starting to refine your resume with your accomplishments, it’s a great idea to create new goals to accomplish within your senior year. New goals can help take your mind off day to day routines and can stir up a change in your motivation. Not only that, but accomplishing these goals help show the drive you have, and can prepare you for what lies ahead in your career.

Change Your Habits

If homework and studying are really wearing you down, a good idea could be to change your current habits. A good example of this is to form a study group. Study groups can help take the pressure off of yourself and give you the ability to meet and work with new people. This can allow you to have a little more fun and form helpful connections to help you do better on tests and in the classroom. Changing your routine may also be able to help with your motivation. This could be something simple, such as changing study locations, or working at a different time during the day. While it may seem small, these new habits can help you focus a little more on the classes that are tending to wear you down. These subtle changes may help boost your motivation and cure some of that senioritis.

Remember What You’re Working Towards

It’s important to remind yourself why you’re in college in the first place. You’re shooting for the career that you wanted to chase, and there’s a reason why you chose the major you did. College graduation is also one of the biggest life accomplishments, and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to achieve that. It’s important to take a step back and realize how important these moments truly are. Being able to remind yourself of these little things can help create a motivation boost that can help push you towards accomplishing the goals you need to. Sometimes a good reminder of what you’re working towards can be all the help in the world in curing senioritis.

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