How To Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Michelle Lowry

According to the Wall Street Journal, the current job market is doing well. Job postings have reached pre-pandemic levels as the US slowly reopens. But if you’ve been looking for a job recently, you know it’s not that simple. Although plenty of positions are becoming available, record numbers of workers are competing for them. 2021 graduates are now fighting with the class of 2020 for entry level jobs, and professionals who were let go during the pandemic are also actively applying. With the market as cutthroat as it is, it can be easy to get discouraged. This writer can attest to that- it took me months of applications and cover letters before I even got an interview. But I got through it, and believe it or not, so will you. Here’s four tips to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Have A Designated Workspace

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that working from home is difficult- very difficult. Experts say that working in a designated area can increase your productivity, and in turn increase the benefits you reap from downtime. If you’re writing cover letters from under the bed covers, you’re less likely to feel relaxed when you’re trying to fall asleep later that night. Try to set aside a time and place to do your job hunting each day. It doesn’t have to be fancy or spacious- sitting on a specific spot of the couch could work. After a few days your mind and body will start to associate that location with work, and it’ll be easier to get into the mindset you need for scrolling the job boards.

Try Something New

When you’ve spent weeks sending resumes and getting rejections (or worse: nothing) it can be hard to keep to the same monotonous routine. If you’re not making any progress, it might be time to try something new. Now, you could get a pillar of rose quartz and try to manifest a phone call for your dream job, but we recommend more concrete tactics. Have you made your resume public on Indeed? Could you reach out to college acquaintances? Is there anyone you could ask for an informational interview? Are your LinkedIn filters the best for your industry? Mix up your methods! Trying something different may be what finally gets you the response you’ve been waiting for.

Have Your Resume Evaluated

Sometimes finding a job just takes time, and other times… it takes some editing. If you’re still struggling in your search, get your resume professionally evaluated by someone familiar with your field. Companies have all sorts of digitals methods these days for sorting and filtering resumes, and it may take help from an inside source to get yours into the right hands. See what resources your university career center offers, or look up the resumes of professionals you admire. Consider formatting, content, and keywords. If you’re not sure what will work best, try making a few different versions of your resume, each with slight differences, and see which one gets the best response.

Take a Day Off

So, you’ve tried everything above, and still no luck? Take a break. Job searching can be incredibly draining. Close the LinkedIn tab, turn off your email notifications, and relax. You can come back and continue tomorrow, and in the meantime, do something you enjoy!

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