5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Cameron Saragosa

Your resume is the most important part of the job application process. However, there are multiple steps that go into creating one, and you want yours to stand out. In this blog, we’ll cover five ways to improve your resume and give you the best opportunity to go after your dream job!

Adapt to the Job Description

The first way to improve your resume is to adapt it! Depending on the job you’re applying to, edit the content of your resume to best reflect your relevant skills and experience. For example, if you’re going for a position in business, show your business experience first, even if it’s not chronological. Listing your relevant experience first will give your employer a better idea of how you could fit into their company. .

Include Your Accomplishments

Most resumes include education, experience, and skill sets. However, if you want an additional boost, showcase your accolades! To stand out to potential employers, you’re going to want them to know what you’ve accomplished. This can include certifications, scholarships, contests, volunteer work, or leadership positions. If you’re an overachiever, stick to awards relevant to the job you’re applying to, and include a maximum of five. Showcasing your achievements demonstrates your passion and drive.

Get Professional Feedback

Ask for help! Whether you consult a career advisor, a professional in your field of interest, or a resume specialist, a second set of eyes is always helpful. You’ll gain additional perspective on your resume and helpful feedback to improve it. If the person is familiar with your desired field, they can also give you specific tips to stand out to employers. You won’t know unless you ask, so don’t hesitate to reach out! If you’re a student, a surefire way to get assistance is through your university’s career center.

Add a Summary

How else can you stand out? Well, maybe a short summary at the beginning of your resume. This summary can be a great way for your employer to get to know what kind of opportunities and goals you are seeking. If your application doesn’t include a cover letter, this can be an especially helpful note for the employer. Use a one or two sentence summary to highlight your past experience and future goals for your career.

Keep it Short

Make your resume short, clear, and concise. One or one and a half pages is the perfect amount of space to showcase everything important about yourself. If your resume is longer than that, it may be difficult for the potential employer to look through everything, especially since there are probably lots of other applicants. Doing this will be crucial in helping you stand out, and put you one step closer to getting the job you want.

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