5 Things to Bring to Your New Job

Cameron Saragosa

When starting a new job, it’s important to showcase your professionality from the get-go. While it can be nerve wracking in the first few days or weeks, there are certain things that you can have with you early on to show employers that you have the values and willingness to work. In this blog, we’ll talk about 5 things that you should have with you on your first day starting a new job.

1. Proper Attire

Your clothes and appearance are one of the first things that employers will notice about you. Proper attire can give off a good impression to employers regarding your professionalism and commitment to look good for the company, as well as yourself. Dress code policies may differ, so be sure you know what kind of attire is correct before showing up. If you want to learn about specific examples of proper attire, be sure to check out our recent infographic here!

2. Notepad + Pen

Part of the first day involves a lot of new information being thrown at you. Having a notepad and pen can help ease this process. Because you’ll be learning a bunch of new things, being able to write key ideas down and know what kind of tasks to be focused on is critical. Showing this initiative can also stand out to employers as a willingness to learn, and will be essential when first beginning your day to day tasks. Be sure to ask questions as well to ensure you’re clear on everything you need to know about the company and how it operates.

3. Healthy Snack

While learning a lot about your new tasks throughout the day, a healthy snack will be a good thing to have on your break, or if allowed, when you get hungry. This can provide an energy boost that can help you refocus and continue to learn about the position. Fruit, protein bars, or even a small sandwich can do the trick. Make sure you have a water bottle as well to stay hydrated!

4. Positive Attitude

The next thing you’ll need to have is a positive attitude. When first walking into the office, a friendly smile and handshake is a great mechanism to help introduce yourself to others. Doing so will help form an early connection that can help alleviate some stress you may be feeling during the first few weeks, and having that positive attitude can rub off on other employees as well. While the workload might not always be the most enjoyable, it’s important to maintain that positive attitude for yourself as you settle in and form new colleagues.

5. Strong Work Ethic

The last thing you’ll want to have on your first day is a strong work ethic. Prove to the company that their hiring decision was the right one. Show them that you can achieve your assigned tasks while also having the capability to do more in the future. Instill that confidence in yourself and your employers. After all, you’ve earned the position, and that strong work ethic could help propel you to bigger and better things.

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