5 Reasons To Work In Peabody, Massachusetts

Cameron Saragosa

Have you ever wanted to jumpstart your career and work on the East Coast? Well, now’s your chance! The Peabody branch of Barton Associates, the national headquarters, has numerous benefits to help the everyday employee enjoy their time. In this blog, we will be pointing out 5 of these benefits that may influence you to come and work with us in Peabody!

1. Being Close to Boston

One of the biggest benefits of working in Peabody is how close it is to the historic city of Boston. If you’ve ever visited Massachusetts before, there is a high probability that you went into Boston at least once. Whether it’s a sporting event, a walk in the Boston Public Garden, or even taking a duck boat tour over the Charles River, there are certainly a lot of fun things to do while you’re there. Other places that are popular include the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, and Quincy Market. Since it’s one of the most prominent cities on the entire East Coast, it’s a great luxury to have when you’re just a few minutes drive away!

2. Free Parking

Are you tired of having to park in a crowded garage or pay overly aggressive fees for parking? Well, here in Peabody, we have a multitude of open spaces to satisfy everyone. With plenty of spaces and no payments involved, this benefit is simple and efficient!

3. Great Restaurants Nearby

Another advantage of Peabody is that it is located close to many restaurants. Located by Route 1, it offers traditional establishments such as Red’s Kitchen and Tavern, the Kowloon Restaurant, or the Continental Restaurant. There’s also more quick and convenient options such as Wendy’s, Kelly’s Roast Beef, and more.

Just around the corner in Danvers, the Northshore Mall offers large restaurants including the Cheesecake Factory, Not Your Average Joes, Tony C's Sports Bar & Grill, and Legal Seafoods.

With so many restaurants and food options closeby, lunchtime has just become that much more exciting!

4. Away From The Hustle and Bustle

Being close to Boston is nice, but some people may also prefer to be away from the crowds and all the chaotic activities. Here in Peabody, we have the luxury of being close but not too close to the bustling city. It offers a little bit more isolation, and it is close to suburban areas! This also means that there is significantly less traffic! This benefit is nice if you’re the kind of person who enjoys not having to stumble in traffic consistently, or if you’re the person who simply prefers a more quiet area of living.

5. Modern Office Building

Our Peabody office has a modern office building that feels brand new when you walk in. With tons of windows, friendly employees, and an open concept design, it doesn’t feel like you’re cooped up at your desk isolated from the action. This workplace environment will help you get motivated and accomplish your tasks consistently, which is essential for business success!

If you’re still looking for a new job opportunity in or out of Peabody, we’ve got you covered! We have job openings in all 10 of our locations across the country, so apply to one today!

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