3 Benefits of Doing an Internship

Cameron Saragosa

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and gain experience in the field you’re trying to pursue. They also provide the chance to see how your future work environment could look. Today, we’ll look at three key benefits you get when you accept an internship!

Experience What You Want To Do

In today’s job market, it’s important to have experience in your field. Employers look for experience when they hire, so if you don’t have experience on your resume, it will be more difficult to land the opportunity you want. By having experience, you’ll better understand your field. In college classes you learn the theory behind how your career will operate, but actually completing daily tasks and projects can be very different. It’s important to thoroughly understand your field before you enter the workforce, ideally before you even complete your education, so you’re able to see what your future career will be like day-to-day. Knowing the ins-and-outs will help you determine the right career path for you.

Potential for a Greater Opportunity

Another benefit of doing an internship is the potential for reward and opportunity. What I mean by this is that nowadays, more and more interns are being paid, and paid a decent amount as well. Paid internships weren’t very common years ago, but being compensated for gaining experience is incredibly rewarding. Being an intern may also be a path to a full-time role if the company truly likes your work. Not every company will do this, but the potential opportunity is another huge benefit to internships. If the company you intern for doesn’t have a full-time role available, you can still benefit by asking your manager or coworkers to be references for future jobs.

Creation of Connections

Speaking of references, another major benefit of internships is connections. By taking an internship, you’ll meet and connect with new colleagues, peers, and mentors. Expanding your network is a critical part of a successful career. Every new connection represents a new potential opportunity, whether that’s learning a skill or being recommended for a position. In certain industries and organizations, networking is the key to advancement. When you take an internship, be sure to make those connections!

Overall, internships are about setting yourself up for the career you’ll enjoy being a part of. Looking at these three benefits will help the everyday student be more motivated to search for those opportunities, establish more credibility, and truly enjoy their career path.

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